In most organized sports team successes are looked upon as a result of great coaching and team compatibilities. A successful team has the foundation or backbone of a solid and experienced motivators and educators – their coaches and trainers.

 Lift Coaching is not unlike this model in the respect that it prides itself on the track record of the individuals that respond to Lift Coaching’s unique models. Its clients speak volumes on how significant action, accountability and knowledge through Profit or Life Coaching has, and is paying off for them.

Rising Above

I have worked with 5 different coaches in the past and Lift Coaching is the most knowledgeable, challenging and impactful Coach with whom I have worked.

I have long believed in the importance of coaching for any business owner. As an individual who has run businesses as varied as not-for-profits, real estate development, and now as a professional speaker I have had the opportunity to work with five different coaches. It is with gratitude that I thank you and Lift Coaching for being the most knowledgeable, challenging and impactful coach with whom I have worked.

In the last six months of our coaching I have grown more professionally than during any other period of my life. You have the unique ability to combine the reflective nature of a coach with the insight and business comprehension of a consultant. The resulting amalgamation is that an action plan is created that actually works because the coach's wealth of ideas relating to the business and can be implemented because the individual being coached has actively bought-in throughout the process.

The impact of this style of coaching for me has been tremendous. Our revenue has doubled in the last six months and the prospects we are now cultivating will blossom into outstanding growth going forward. I am completely convinced that these gains would have been much less impressive without the coaching techniques and commitment from you, Grant.

John O’Leary, Professional Speaker and Founder Rising Above - transforming challenges into future success

Baldwin Street Originals

Our business has improved by 100% based on our expectations for our volume over the late fall and winter season.

This is directly the result of Lift Coaching guiding us in understanding the importance of tracking numbers, being responsible
for numbers, and setting targets. Staff is now always aware of how many demos we need to do, and monitoring numbers daily
in order to hit our targets.

Given the challenges we have with our limited finances to grow the business, it is clear the procedures and systems you have helped us put in place are the outcome of our improved sales. We are working 100% more efficiently.

Ken Kaimen, President Baldwin Street Originals

Sports Specific Training

We have seen a clear growth in clients, revenue, and the value of our business i.e. what people are willing to pay for our SST Franchise."

"We are professional strength coaches, helping athletes and individuals reach their peak physical performance. Lift Coaching is helping us reach our peak business performance. Our Coach brings a high level of business acumen and focus to me and my management team. He challenges us as a company, keeps us on track with clear goals, systems and methods to get us from point A to B faster without detours. It impacts our moral, our time, and our profit.

Larry Jusdanis, Founder, Sports Specific Training

Thumper Massager Inc.

"Our Lift Coach brings a tremendous amount of value to us. He offers an unbiased, ‘outside’ perspective to our conversations.
It is like having a business partner, but with no hidden agenda or personal attachment." 

"It feels good to run decisions by our Lift Coach. He provides an outsider’s view into our business and helps us provide a balanced approach and an added dimension to our business planning. We feel more secure and confident in the decisions
we are making and in the direction we are taking our business.

Paul and Ines Sajgalik, Thumper Massager Inc.

Alchemy Organizing

I was deeply unhappy in almost every aspect of my life

My year to date earnings was only a fraction of where they should be. I was deeply unhappy in almost every aspect of my life - especially my earnings, barely making my rent and having maxed out my credit card and line of credit. Hiring Lift Coaching was a last act of desperation on my part before I threw in the towel and got a job. You dove right in and started working with me.

In 6 weeks I have doubled my year to date income and I am back on track to recover and reach my annual income goal. I basically earned as much in 6 weeks with you as I did in the first 7 months of the year.

You have understood my needs and got me functioning at 110%. I now know where I have been, where I am and where I want to go.

Baljit (Val) Siekham, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, AIRC , Alchemy Organizing